As a nurse, you work hard in public health care. Let us work hard for you.

CUPE is ready to take you into the next round of bargaining, and beyond. After all you’ve been through
with the changes in health care, it’s your turn to have your say.

Your decision matters: CUPE would be honoured to work with you, for you as your union. Workers across Canada recognize that CUPE is the union for them. With 680,000 members, including 162,000 health care workers like you, CUPE is not only Canada’s largest Union, we are Canada’s largest health care union.

With all that strength in numbers, you can count on CUPE to:

Negotiate the best health care contracts in Manitoba. CUPE is known for our ability to deliver
at the bargaining table. We will fight for the best contract for you.

Give you the best-trained and most experienced staff to win your grievances, and bargain strong for you. We have CUPE reps and specialists across Manitoba, and offices, local reps and stewards nearby or in your workplace. We will be right there with you when you have a meeting with your manager.

Stand up against health care cuts and privatization. We are with our members every step of the way, making sure you, and our public health care, are protected. We work on the social determinants of health, and are strong community advocates.

Put you at the heart of everything we do, through our open, democratic union. Your CUPE representatives are easy to find—we’re with you in the workplace every day. CUPE’s finances are 100% transparent and voted on by members.

Be ready when the representation votes are done. We have a $100 million strike fund, so when
we get to the bargaining table, the employer knows CUPE means business.

CUPE fights for all members equally. We are the union that campaigns to end health care cuts, working short, and violence in the workplace. We bargain strong contracts, and we have a national policy against bargaining concessions and two-tiered agreements. That’s why CUPE is your strongest way forward in health care.

The union that wins the vote will bargain for you. In every region, in every vote, we are proud of our strong collective agreements and our record of standing up for health care.

Choose CUPE, and you are choosing to bargain your next contract from the strongest starting point.

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

In solidarity,
Shannon McAteer, Health Care Coordinator & Your CUPE Health Care Team