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The Facility Support sector has been defined as anyone who provides
“operational support services, excluding employees of a child care centre”.

This table compares CUPE’s agreement to MGEU’s

MGEU Community Support


Increment step raises are guaranteed.

Increment step increases only if approved by the Employer.

Contracting Out

Guaranteed alternative employment if your position is eliminated and you have 36 months of service.

MGEU has failed to negotiate this job guarantee.


Overtime is distributed equally amongst employees.

With MGEU, there is no requirement to distribute overtime equally.

Change of Work Location

No arbitrary changes in your work location. Your position and seniority are tied to your work location.

The Employer can change your job location with just 90 days notice.

Family Illness

With CUPE, if you are the primary caregiver, you can take paid leave for any family member.

With MGEU, family leave is limited to only parent, child, or spouse.


The senior applicant gets the job, provided they are qualified, can do the job, and have a good employment record.

A senior, qualified employee may lose the job to a junior employee that the Employer thinks would be better.


1-week blocks, with some individual days set aside.

Minimum of 1-week block at a time, with some individual days set aside.

* Once a bargaining agent is selected, that Union’s largest collective agreement is designated as the receiving agreement, as per the legislation. This receiving agreement is the agreement from which bargaining will start. CUPE will fight for further improvements, and has a national policy against bargaining concessions.

Compare your Choices

The Community Support sector has been defined as anyone who does “hands on direct patient/resident/client care or psycho-social care”. This will include positions like health care aide and rehabilitation aide.

* This table compares CUPE’s agreement to MGEU’s *

MGEU Community Support

Fully Paid Sick Time

Only 2/3 of your salary on sick days.

Vision Plan

Vision care does not cover partner or children.

Prescription Drugs

Matrenity Leave Top Up

Starting Vacation

3 weeks

2 weeks

Vacation for Long Term Employees

6 weeks

4 weeks

Split Shift

No split shifts.

Split shifts allowed and common.


Automatic raises until you are at the top of your wage scale.

Wage increases are at the employer’s discretion.


We know single-day vacation is important to many heath care workers.

If you currently have single-day vacation, you keep it, along with your existing collective agreement, until a new one is negotiated.

With CUPE, you determine bargaining priorities. CUPE’s contracts already have language for some single days of vacation. That is a good starting point for bargaining.

If members want to keep single-day vacation, we won’t bring you a contract to approve that doesn’t have it.

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