20 reasons to vote CUPE

CUPE 86008600
UFCW 832


Full-time and part-time employees qualify for maternity leave top-up.

Part-time employees do not qualify for maternity leave top-up. 


Qualify for 5 weeks vacation after 8 years.

Qualify for 5 weeks vacation after 11 years.


Qualify for 6 weeks vacation after 18 years.

Qualify for 6 weeks vacation after 21 years.


In the case of layoff, you maintain your seniority for 36 months.

In the case of layoff, you lose your seniority after only 12 months.


If you are laid off, you can only be recalled to any site within 50 km of your former site.

You can be recalled from layoff to any site in the NRHA.


Better bereavement —  5 paid days for death of a spouse or child, and guaranteed  1 paid day of pallbearer leave.

Bereavement leave is 4 days for death of a spouse or child. Pallbearer leave is at the discretion of management.


2 paid days’ leave following the birth or adoption of a child.

No paid leave following birth or adoption of a child..


You can take 1 week of paid Northern Leave each year.

Qualify for 5 paid days of Special Northern Leave for every 5 years of contributing service.


Schedules must be posted 4 weeks in advance.

Schedules must be posted 2 weeks in advance.


Split shifts are only allowed with mutual agreement.

No restrictions on split shifts.


No annual cap on use of family sick leave bank.

Family sick leave is limited to 5 days per year.


With CUPE, full-time and part-time employees get double-time when working overtime on a scheduled day off.

Only full-time employees receive double-time for OT on scheduled days off


When overtime is available, it is offered in order of seniority, but one person cannot work more than 24 hours OT per pay period.

OT is offered in order of seniority, but there is no cap on how much OT an individual can take.


With CUPE, you get double-time for all OT hours when working a double shift.

With UFCW, the first 3 hours of OT on a shift are only paid at time-and-a-half.


On-call pay is  2 hours pay per 8 hours on call.

On-call pay is 1 hour pay per 8 hours on call..


If you’re required to remain on site for meal periods, you receive overtime rates for the entire meal period.

No requirement to pay OT rates if required to stay on site for entire meal.


Seniority is site-based.

Seniority is bargaining unit-wide.


CUPE helps health care workers pay for their education—$1 million over the past 4 years here in Manitoba.

Northern members are excluded from accessing the UFCW 832 Education Assistance Fund.


CUPE is a Canadian union with 680,000 members. At 162,000 members strong, health care is CUPE’s largest sector.

UFCW is an international union primarily for private-sector workers.


CUPE 8600 is a union by Northern Health Care workers, for Northern Health Care Workers.

UFCW 832 spans the province, covering mainly private sector workers in meat-packing, grocery stores, as well as health care.

Compare your Choices

This table compares CUPE’s agreement to MGEU’s


Fully Paid Sick Time

Only 2/3 of your salary on sick days.

Vision Plan

Vision plan does not cover partner or children.

Prescription drugs

Two-Tiered Agreement

CUPE will always ensure our members get the best, will never bargain concessions or two-tiered agreements.

MGEU has a two-tiered agreement in the North that gives health care workers a worse deal than other members.

Starting Vacation

3 weeks

2 weeks

Vacation for Long Term Employees

6 weeks

4 weeks

Split Shift

No Split Shifts

Split shifts allowed and common.


Automatic raises until you are at the top of your wage scale.

Wage scale raises are at the employer’s discretion.


We know single-day vacation is important to many heath care workers.

If you currently have single-day vacation, you keep it, along with your existing collective agreement, until a new one is negotiated.

With CUPE, you determine bargaining priorities. CUPE’s contracts already have language for some single days of vacation. That is a good starting point for bargaining.

If members want to keep single-day vacation, we won’t bring you a contract to approve that doesn’t have it.

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