How CUPE protects your position

CUPE health care agreements protect members against arbitrary transfers. With CUPE, the job you apply for is the one you hold. Only MGEU is telling health care workers that they cannot offer these protections to their members. Just one more reason to vote CUPE.


Positions cannot be moved from facility to facility.

MGEU has stated publicly that they believe the employer is allowed to move employees however they want.

Positions cannot be moved from facility to home care.

MGEU has stated publicly that they don’t have provisions to protect workers from arbitrary transfers.

Positions cannot be moved from a community program like home care into a facility program.

MGEU has stated publicly that they believe the employer is allowed to move home care into facilities.

CUPE bargains strong, and has a national no-concessions policy.

MGEU is bargaining concessions through the media before bargaining even starts. You can’t trust MGEU to bargain strong for you.

Compare your Choices

The Facility Support sector has been defined as anyone who provides “operational support services, excluding employees of a child care centre”.

The Community Support sector has been defined as anyone who does “hands on direct patient/resident/client care or psycho-social care”. This will include positions like health care aide and rehabilitation aide.

This table compares CUPE’s agreement to MGEU’s*

CUPE1912 Betel Home
MGEU Interlake-Eastern

Tuition Reimbursement

Employer-paid tuition reimbursement.

MGEU has failed to negotiate this provision.

Overtime on your Days Off

Full-time and part-time employees who work on a day off are paid double-time.

Only full-time employees qualify for double-time.

Subcontracting Protection

A member can be displaced only within 50 km of their current site.

MGEU members can be relocated anywhere in the health region.

Shift Schedule

With CUPE, you get your work schedule at least 4 weeks in advance.

With MGEU, you get as little as 2 weeks’ notice.

Family Illness

If you are the primary caregiver, you can take paid leave for any family member.

Family leave is limited to parent, child, and spouse.


If you are laid off, you keep your seniority to bid back into positions for 36 months.

With MGEU, you lose seniority after only 24 months on lay-off.

* Once a bargaining agent is selected, that Union’s largest collective agreement is designated as the receiving agreement, as per the legislation. This receiving agreement
is the agreement from which bargaining will start. CUPE will fight for further improvements, and has a national policy against bargaining concessions.


We know single-day vacation is important to many heath care workers.

If you currently have single-day vacation, you keep it, along with your existing collective agreement, until a new one is negotiated.

With CUPE, you determine bargaining priorities. CUPE’s contracts already have language for some single days of vacation. That is a good starting point for bargaining.

If members want to keep single-day vacation, we won’t bring you a contract to approve that doesn’t have it.

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