Tired of MGEU’s record of neglect?

Here are 20 reasons to vote CUPE



The CUPE contract includes 15-minute paid breaks after 3 hours of work

MGEU home care members get no paid breaks.


CUPE members get 15 fully paid sick days per year. There is no wait for sick pay.

MGEU has bargained a complicated sick time regime.
If you have sick credits, you get paid on day one. If you don’t, you will only be paid on day 3 at 2/3 pay, and only after you get a doctor’s note, and Great West Life forms are filled out. 

You can only ever accumulate 4 sick days.


CUPE members have a prescription drug plan, so they are protected when they get sick.

MGEU home care members do not have a prescription drug plan.


CUPE members get paid for all hours at work

MGEU home care workers have an Available Work Period which means they have to be available for between 30 and 60 minutes with no pay. MGEU lost an arbitration on this.


With CUPE, increment raises are automatic.

MGEU’s contract allows managers to decide if you get your pay increments


CUPE has a policy that we will not accept a contract that leaves any group of workers behind. What is good for one group of health care workers should be good for all. 

MGEU and government have consistently treated home care like second-class workers in health care, bargaining worse conditions than health care workers in other facilities, including other MGEU members.


CUPE members get a $1.65/hour shift premium on weekends.

MGEU has bargained a weekend shift premium of $1.35 on hours worked. In Winnipeg, MGEU members don’t get it for working on their downtime.


CUPE members have access to a health spending account ($500 FT, $250 PT) to pay for health costs not covered by other benefits. 

MGEU home care members do not have a health spending account.


CUPE members who cannot return to work after being sick have a long-term disability plan to ensure the most protection for our members. 

MGEU home care members do not have a long-term disability plan.  


CUPE members get a life insurance plan that starts at 1 year’s pay and allows for optional coverage of up to 5 years’ pay.

MGEU members are only eligible for $10,000 of life insurance. 


CUPE health care members have a defined benefit pension plan.

MGEU bargained an inferior defined contribution pension plan which could provide far less income in retirement. 


CUPE’s pension plan ensures a guaranteed income for life in retirement.

Some MGEU home care workers have actually lost retirement income due to their unstable pension plan.


CUPE members start with 3 weeks of vacation annually, so you can spend more paid time with your family.

MGEU members start with the legal minimum number of weeks guaranteed by the law— 2 weeks of vacation


CUPE members can earn up to 6 weeks of vacation annually in their careers in health care.

MGEU onlybargained a maximum vacation of 4 weeks.


CUPE members get a long service pay increment on top of the normal pay schedule.

MGEU members do not receive  a long service increment.


CUPE members get ambulance rides covered, so if you are injured or critically sick, you aren’t on the hook for hundreds of dollars just to get to the hospital.

MGEU members do not have coverage for ambulance care.


CUPE members who become mothers have a salary top-up in addition to EI, so they can afford to take maternity leave.

No salary top-up. MGEU members get only the government-legislated EI minimum.


CUPE members have a vision plan that includes coverage for family members.

MGEU home care members have no family vision plan.


CUPE has a national no concessions policy. In bargaining, we always take steps forward to make life better for workers. CUPE never steps back.

MGEU doesn’t have this policy, and doesn’t have a track record of standing up to employers. 


CUPE represents home care workers across Canada. In Saskatchewan, CUPE home care workers are part of the main health care agreement.

MGEU has failed to get home care workers into the main health care agreement in Manitoba, leaving you with an inferior contract compared to other MGEU health care members.


We know single-day vacation is important to many heath care workers.

If you currently have single-day vacation, you keep it, along with your existing collective agreement, until a new one is negotiated.

With CUPE, you determine bargaining priorities. CUPE’s contracts already have language for some single days of vacation. That is a good starting point for bargaining.

If members want to keep single-day vacation, we won’t bring you a contract to approve that doesn’t have it.

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